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Donation Dash guide

Every spring, the Waste Reduction and Resource Awareness Program teams up with the Office of Sustainibility and local charities to divert waste during resident move out.

With three donation locations - The Hill, Creeview Apartments, and College Creek Apartments, you can find local charities collecting donatable goods, and the WRRAP team collecting compost and recyclables. 

In spring of 2019, Donation Dash diverted an estimated 10 tons of compostables, recyclables and donatable goods from the landfill! Thats equal to the weight of 20 small cars!

Upcoming Events

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March 12th... Are you really wearing ‘green’?

10 am - 2 pm @ UC Quad

Informative learning activity to raise awareness around fast fashion. St Patricks Day traditionally encourages many Americans to wear the color green. We are encouraging the community to look beyond just wearing the color green, and question if your threads are ethically produced and sold. 

Limited free secondhand clothing is available

March 25th... Volunteer Meeting 

4:30 pm - 5:30pm @ Warren House 53

Interested in sustainability on campus? Want to volunteer with WRRAP? We meet at Warren House 53, which is across the street from the multi cultural center. We will be giving more information on our upcoming events and working on a art project for this years donation dash event. We'd love to see you there. 

March 26th... Clothing Swap 

10 am - 2 pm @ Art Quad

Swap some old threads for some new to you ones! Donations are highly encouraged but not required. All clothes are free.


Earth Week April 20th - 24th

April 21st... Zero Waste Toolkit 

Join our learning activity and dialogue Tuesday April 24th on the Quad. Gain tools to walk away with, and to immediately consider low waste living habits. Striving for zero waste isn't only better for the environment around us, it's better for our mental health. Learning activities include

April 23rd... Bike Fair

Join us at HSU's first annual Bike Fair. Mingle with campus and off-campus groups and businesses that support bicycling and smart transportation. This fair will embody the mission of the BLC- advocating for bicycling as a safe, affordable, healthful, sustainable, and fun form of transportation, and recreation. The Bike Fair is a part of Earth Week 2020 celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

April 23rd... Clothing Swap

10 am - 2 pm @ Art Quad

Swap some old threads for some new to you ones! Donations are highly encouraged but not required. All clothes are free.


May 13th to 16th - Donation Dash

We are looking for volunteers to assist in sort trash and donations from resident move out!

May 16th - Spring Commencement 

We are looking for volunteers to assist graduation in serving un bottled water at graduation ceremony. Since 2014 HSU commencment has been plastic bottle free.

Visit the Humboldt State sustainability calendar to check out other upcoming events and activities related to sustainability. 


If you would like us to help you make your event Zero Waste- use the OrgSync Event Request form and check the box for zero waste services, or send us an email. 

Please contact for more information.