Reducing Waste during Campus Resident Move-Out with Donation Dash

More and more campus residents are reducing their move-out waste through Donation Dash, a program that makes it easier to donate, compost and recycle items that residents might not want to take with them when they move out in May.

Check out this video to learn how to participate:

 Click here to watch short video on Donation Dash

It's Easy to Reduce your Waste when Moving Out!

In your room, separate your move-out stuff into the following categories: Donations, Recycling, Compost, Landfill Waste.

You can donate unwanted clothing, bedding, housewares, school supplies, dishware, unopened packaged food, etc. - Pretty much anything that is clean, not broken, and that can be re-used can be donated!

Not sure what can be recycled or composted?  Check out these helpful Recycling and Compost guides.

Once separated, deposit the items in the correct bin located near your residential building. Starting Wednesday of Finals Week, residents at Creekview, Redwood, Sunset and College Creek will be able to take all donations, recycling, compost and landfill items to a Donation Station, while residents in other buildings will continue to use the bins at their buildings.


Flyer showing steps to participate in Donation Dash


Donation Dash Has a Big Impact!

Donation Dash is good for you, for the planet, and for the community! Feel good knowing that all items you donate are helping others in your community. Many donations go to local charities, while others go to stocking the campus food pantry. Some donations even go to next year’s campus residents!

In 2023 Donation Dash yielded 9.3 tons of donatable goods such as clothing, household goods and food.  These items were donated to the Oh SNAP! food pantry/pop-up thrift, Tailwaggers/Sequoia Humane Society, the Creative Sanctuary and their partners 

And Donation Dash is Fun!

Click to see short video of music making with found items at the Donation Dash

 Members of the Creative Sanctuary making music with found items at the Hill Donation Station, 2023

So Get Involved!

Volunteer to be a Donation Station Attendant by emailing