Welcome to the Reusable Office Supply Exchange (R.O.S.E)

The Reusable Office Supply Exchange (R.O.S.E) is an on-campus source for free office and school supplies available to the campus community in Nelson Hall West 216. 


  • R.O.S.E focuses on resource accessibility in addition to waste reduction. R.O.S.E is an on campus resource that is a storehouse for used school supplies. Cal Poly Humboldt departments, local businesses, and students donate these supplies which allows these resources to be made free to the wider campus community and thus easily accessible to other students.
  • R.O.S.E offers these donated items for free, allowing vulnerable student populations to acquire necessary school supplies without facing financial repercussions.
  • Through donations, R.O.S.E negates the need to produce products that create a waste stream of their own.
  • Fun Fact: on average R.O.S.E saves Humboldt students a collective $8,000 each semester. During the Fall 2019 semester, students saved over $11,000 and diverted approximately 1,528 pounds of waste from the landfill. 



Meet Our Directors!

“Hello! My name is Juliana Belo. I am a Zoology major with a minor in Biology, hoping to focus on Microbiology with my minor. I am very interested in animal science and behavior, behavioral ecology and microbial influences, and conservation biology. But for now, I am striving to initiate impactful projects to create a more sustainable campus!”

Hello! My name is Ethan LeVering and I am studying Physical Science and very interested in increasing sustainability in the university system.


We love and appreciate your donations but we may have an excess supply in that category. Please check what we are accepting at this time by reviewing our Guidelines before donating. Thank you!

Please put any donations on the shelves on the right as you enter ROSE. Do not leave donations on the front porch! Email wrrap@humboldt.edu to arrange a time to drop things off. 

 Donation Guide

ROSE director, Sam KellySam & Raul


Clothing Swaps

ROSE is moving this semester! Due to the move, we are unable to hold our usual clothing swaps. Check out and follow CCAT for volunteer Fridays, where they hold weekly clothing swaps!

ROSE Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Hours

The R.O.S.E House is open Monday through Friday, 8-5 pm, and are located in Nelson Hall West 216

If you have donations you can either drop them off during open hours or email wrrap@humboldt.edu to make an appointment


Stay tuned for updates on this website and our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/hsu_rose_/

R.O.S.E House Location


Stop by and take a look inside the R.O.S.E House!

Items we do not accept

Do not donate furniture, liquids, toiletries, book ends, big metal pieces, food, or hanging files.

We ask that you please not donate any of the items above, as we are not equipped to handle them, instead please check out this website with great information on where to take the donations that we don't take.