Welcome to the Compost Squad

The Compost Squad is a student-run team that collects food and green waste on campus and turns it into a rich soil supplement. Diverting 500lbs per week, the student team is busy with year-round collections and production. 




Current Events!

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23 October 2020 on the Virtual Quad there will be a compost workshop in accordance with the Zero Waste Conference. Make sure to register at https://wrrap.humboldt.edu/calendar-0 hope to see you there! 












Compost Facts


  • Most efficient composting occurs with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 30 to 1
  • When food rots in a landfill, it produces methane, a gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.
  • More than 20% of all methane emissions: human-related
  • Humboldt State's Earth Tub is designed specifically for on-site composting of food-waste. 
  • The Earth Tub is a fully enclosed composting vessel featuring power mixing, compost aeration, and biofiltration of all process air.
  • The ET is capable of processing as little as 40lbs per day or as much as 100lbs per day
  • Vermicomposting: composting with worms in an enclosed, convenient, low maintainence worm bin.
  •  Approximately 3,000 pounds of food waste was diverted from landfills and incinerators in the year of 2019!






What Do We Do?

The Compost Team provides 5-gallon buckets at various locations around campus so they can store away their organic waste instead of throwing it away in the landfill. This 2020 Fall school year the Radburro E-Bike will be incorporated, as the mode of transportation for bucket collections. Once a week, the Compost Operators, collect the buckets to empty out the food waste into our campus-wide 3 cubic yard EARTH TUB! 








Harvesting Compost

The Earth Tub can handle about 100 pounds of food waste and solid paper a day. After a period of 3 to 4 weeks, the organic waste is broken down to soil material . Then, the Compost Team harvests or extracts the humus-rich amendment from the decomposed food waste.

Meet the Squad






Free Compost for Students

Once a month, when all the compost is harvested from the Earth Tub. The team leaves out a 96-gallon toter of compost at the R.O.S.E near the Warren House 53 for the student community to take free organic fertilizer for their gardening purposes!

"Hello! My name is Krissi Fiebig and I am the Compost Director as well as a sophomore here at HSU. Growing up my family always had a large size compost bin in the backyard, adding food scraps along with turning the soil became a joy of mine. I came to understand the importance of composting, the cycle from food to nutrient-rich soil. Over time it developed into a hobby of mine, sparks of satisfaction would fulfill me when I would pluck a lemon off our tree then compost the rines, from the excitement of becoming zero waste. When I heard about the composting organization on campus I felt the need to join, to be involved in something greater than me, something sustainable."



Jerry Swider smiling on a rock with oceans and mountains in the background

"Howdy! My name is Jerry and I am the Compost Operator of the team. I am a Senior pursuing a double major degree in Environmental Science and Recreation Administration, with a minor in Economics. I have been involved with WRRAP since the Spring of 2020 and have learned so much about reducing waste in my short time with the program! Since joining I have created a home composting bin, fixed my old wasteful recycling habits, and donated lots of old clothes to the Clothing Swap.  I've been a biker my whole life and joining WRRAP really cemented my practice of biking everywhere that I can."

Hello my name is Karina Vega a senior student here at Humboldt State University. My major is Environmental Science and Management with a concentration in Environmental  Planning and Policy. My hobbies include hiking, drawing, rock collecting, watching anime, and taking pictures of cool plants.. I wanted to join WRRAP on their mission to energize elective viewpoints on utilization and provide a path to landfill substitutions for our campus community. WRRAP offers a differing understudy outlet for hands-on learning encounters that assists understudies with assuming liability for the grounds' waste stream and make a positive commitment to the nature of our campus community. WRRAP tries to connect mindfulness and activity through the entirety of its projects. I am excited to start my journey with the WRRAP team as a Compost Intern.