Welcome to the Compost Squad

The WRRAP Compost Squad is dedicated to improving food waste reduction efforts on campus 

WRRAP’s compost team focuses primarily on outreach and education, helping students learn more about the process of composting from tabletop to soil! Historically, we collected food scraps from participating residents and diverted paper towel waste from bathrooms on campus, and turned it into a rich soil supplement using the Earth Tub. Starting in Spring 2024, the scope of composting on-campus has expanded, and Facilities Management has taken on the collections responsibilities with the help of a commercial composter! This gives WRRAP’s student team the ability to dedicate more energy to tasks such as decreasing contamination of the food waste stream, helping students sign up for compost bins, and distributing compost to campus partners.

NOTICE: In spring 2024, new 32-gallon bins have been placed at each dorm; at this time, only students participating in the compost program can utilize this resource! This is due to concerns of plastic waste and other non-compostable materials polluting the compost. On-campus residents who are interested in having a compost bin can still sign up and directly contribute to food waste reduction on campus! If you would like to get a tabletop compost bin of your own, email rsa@humboldt.edu to request one or navigate via the embedded green button below to navigate to the Google Form and sign up. It's quick, easy, and free!






Looking for a free tabletop compost bucket for your dorm?


Spot a QR Code on the compost bins? You can also sign up for a tabletop bucket through that QR code - it goes to the same place as the embedded link above. On-campus residents can also email us with the subject line "Compost Bucket Request" for more information about the compost system! 



Meet The Squad



Hello!!! My name is Ethan and I am one of the 2 Compost Co-directors at WRRAP! Currently I am an ENST major with a minor in Ecological Restoration. Outside of school and work I love doing several things including going on hikes, gardening whether it's my own plants or at community gardens, and Photography. For me being a part of the compost branch is a perfect fit, I love being involved in a program directly connected with students, especially when it also means I get to work quite literally with dirt in my hands. Having to work with such an awesome team for WRRAP this year has definitely added to the great experience.







Hello! My name is Cody Ellis, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’m a senior Ecology major with an interest in soil microbial ecology and host microbiome dynamics, and compost is my jam! I am one half of the Compost Co-Director team for WRRAP! When I’m not hosting harvests from the Earth Tub or doing compost pick-ups, I enjoy hiking in Trinidad, making natural dyes, and sleeping in. My favorite part about being ½ of the WRRAP compost team is doing outreach events with Ethan and the rest of the WRRAP team - It’s a ton of fun to get students excited about and interested in waste reduction on campus. Stop by our upcoming events and hang out, get some free compost, school supplies, and other goodies, and to thoughtfully consider the positive impact we as students have on campus-wide sustainability efforts! Hope to see you there :]









Interested in joining our team as a volunteer, for-credit intern, or co-director? Inquire about job opportunities by emailing wrrap@humboldt.edu, and check out the Cal Poly Humboldt Handshake website for up-to-date job postings. 


Upcoming Compost Events and Opportunities

RAs - interested in having WRRAP’s Compost Squad co-lead an educational active event for your floor? Reach out and let’s scheme! Please email wrrap@humboldt.edu with your idea, timeframe, and what materials you need, and we’ll get back to you! 

Interested in getting a tour of the compost efforts and facilities on campus? Reach out to us on behalf of yourself, a club, or a class and we can coordinate.

Check back and check out our instagram (@wrrap) for more up-to-date ways to get involved, including participating in Donation Dash and Earth Week Every Week!

A History of Campus Composting

This section of the website is a work-in-progress! Check back later in the semester to learn about how composting has evolved alongside the campus to meet student needs and sustainability goals. 


Compost Facts

  • Most efficient composting occurs with a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 30 to 1
  • When food rots in a landfill, it produces methane, a gas with 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.
  • More than 20% of all methane emissions: human-related
  • Cal Poly Humboldt's Earth Tub is designed specifically for on-site composting of food-waste. 
  • The Earth Tub is a fully enclosed composting vessel featuring power mixing, compost aeration, and biofiltration of all process air.
  • The ET is capable of processing as little as 40lbs per day or as much as 100lbs per day
  • Vermicomposting: composting with worms in an enclosed, convenient, low maintainence worm bin.
  •  Approximately 3,000 pounds of food waste was diverted from landfills and incinerators in the year of 2019 and 2022!

What can you compost on campus? Download the Guide:

    Food scraps, paper towels and napkins, and fiber based compostable containers can go into the compost bin                      





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