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The BLC served students in the Spring semester of 2022 with hundreds of drop-in visits totaling more than 315 hours of assistance, all at no charge! Bike mechanic labor averages $60 an hour. The BLC is a wheelin' deal of a resource on campus!

Open shop under the West gym stairwell.

Open shop under the stairwell to West & Forbes Gymnasiums.

Open Hours Spring 2024

M: 9am - 11am, 1pm - 4pm

T: 9am - 12pm

W: 9am - 11am, 1pm - 4pm

Th: 9am - 12pm

F: 9am - 11am, 1pm - 4pm

We are also available for appointments outside of these hours. Contact us: hsublc@humboldt.edu!

***The BLC will be closed during spring break and on holidays***






BLC locator map (Below and between West and Forbes gyms).

The BLC is located adjacent to Center Activities, and RWC, under the stairwell to the West Gymnasium and Forbes Gymnasium. 

Bicycle Learning Center

A student adjusting their rear derailleur's lower limit screw.

Meet Our Team!


Hi my name is Henry. I am a Business admin major with a focus on new venture management.  I love to snowboard, bike, play rugby, disc golf, travel, eat food and listen to music. When I was three years old I convinced my parents to take the training wheels off my bike. For about 10 feet I was cruising. Then promptly, I fell over. However this didn't stop me, I got back up and I got back up and I got back up again. For me biking has always been a way to relax, escape, connect and grow. One day I hope to bike across America!


Help us keep Humboldt's bicycles on the road! BLC Supplies Fundraiser

The Bicycle Learning Center (BLC) is the newest branch of WRRAP, geared towards bicycle maintenance. The BLC seeks to educate and advocate for the safe use of bicycles as an affordable, healthful and sustainable form of transportation and recreation. Tools and assistance are available for students' utilization to learn about safe bicycle operation, maintenance, and repair. We strive to empower a community of bicyclists to feel confident cycling as well as sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

We provide tools and assistance for students' bicycle maintenance needs, on-site, for free! Additionally, we have new supplies and used parts. These materials are available for free to students who bring in their bicycles, although we do appreciate contributions to our ongoing fundraiser so we can continue to provide these items. Some supplies that we usually have in stock are:

  • Patch kits and tire levers

  • Tires & tubes (of many sizes)

  • Cables and housing (for brake and shifting, mountain and road)

  • Brake pads

  • Handlebar grips & tape
  • and more!

Interested in volunteering? If you're interested we'd love to have you around! Drop by or send us an email.


Contact Us

For any questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at: hsublc@humboldt.edu

For news, udpates, events, and more bike puns, folllow our Instagram @bicycle_learning_center.

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