Welcome to the Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE)

The Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE) is an on-campus source for free office and school supplies available to the campus community in Warren House 53. Please feel free to stop by from 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday through Friday. 

ROSE office. Warren House 53


  • ROSE focuses on resource accessibility in addition to waste reduction. ROSE is an on campus resource that is a storehouse for used school supplies. HSU departments, local businesses, and students donate these supplies which allows these resources to be made free to the wider campus community and thus easily accessible to other students.
  • ROSE offers these donated items for free, giving vulnerable student populations an opportunity to acquire necessary school supplies without having to face financial repercussions.
  • Through donations ROSE negates the need to produce products that create a waste stream of their own.
  • Fun Fact: on average ROSE saves HSU students a collective $8,000 each semester and has saved students over $20,000 in the Spring 2010 semester. 
  • Donations are always welcomed and encouraged to pass on to others who may need them in the future. Check out our Donation Guidelines to see what's in demand. 
  • If you or someone you know at HSU needs supplies promptly, please contact us by email or drop by during office hours. 





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